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05 December 2002

Usability and Open Source Software [Slashdot]

Absolutely fascinating.

posted at: 10:44:03 PM  

OK - there's a Blog Browser available in Zeepe Applications. Dave Winer is still working on the definition of files.xml so this may or may not work at the time of reading this if his format has changed and the software hasn't caught up yet.

The format is a little tricky because it just lists all archived files via pathnames, with no information within the xml as to what the file pointed to contains. Currently the Blog Browser assumes that anything stored in a directory 'posts' or 'archives' (because two different systems are using different conventions) is a weblog archive and that the year and month are encoded in the path name as yyyy/m.xml.

If anyone can tell me I'm being daft and there's a really easy way to tell what's what, then I'll be glad to know.

posted at: 2:10:33 PM  

Company that disentangled WPA says it's built a better one. Now we've proved that one's rubbish, buy ours instead [The Register]

For once I agree with Mr Lettice, 36 chars is too long. But the vendors site is worth a browse.

posted at: 11:39:40 AM  

Reminder, the bootstrap of Blog Browsers continues. This was originally a Brent-Dave collaboration, but other people are now working on browsers, and other blogging tools are producing archives in a compatible format. [Scripting News]

Including me - should be up tomorrow (today).

posted at: 1:01:45 AM  

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