# Saturday, 11 October 2003

Stefan Bodewig On Understand

Stefan Bodewig on understanding open source licenses.


All major open source licenses have their pros and cons. The (L)GPL on the one side and the BSDish licenses on the other simply have a different focus.

Behind the (L)GPL is the philosophy of Free Software as defined by the FSF. It is a philosophy and a political manifesto that you can agree with or not. The GPL has been crafted to enforce this vision.

The GPL as well as BSDish licenses give their users the right to get the code for free and to modify it. The GPL takes away the user's right to distribute the modified software under different licensing terms, and it does so because it wouldn't be "Free Software" anymore otherwise.

If you have any problem with big companies making money with your software without giving anything back to you - the BSDish licenses are not for you.



The best, short, summary I've seen.

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