# Wednesday, 12 November 2003

Portal Software Makers Plumtree Software Documentum BEA Systems And Sun Microsystems On Monday Announced Th

Portal software makers Plumtree Software, Documentum, BEA Systems and Sun Microsystems on Monday announced the creation of an online library of open-source portal applications, or portlets. The site, called the Portlet Open-Source Trading (POST) site, is intended to spur the adoption of portlets that adhere to the Java and Web services portal specifications.

The site is hosted at development Web site SourceForge.net. The sponsoring companies will provide feedback and recommendations on how to create portal applications that comply with the two standards--called JSR 168 and Web Services for Remote Portlets--for improving interoperability between portals from different providers.

 [via Portal providers create 'portlet' library | CNET News.com]


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