# Thursday, 29 April 2004

W3C and Web Applications.

The W3C is sponsoring a workshop on Web Apps and Compound Docs in San Jose, June 1st & 2nd.

From the web site:

Position papers submitted for this workshop topic should address at least some of the following questions:

  • What functionality is needed for Web applications? What should a hosting environment provide?
  • How much of a Web application should be declarative? How much in script?
  • How are they related to Web documents, which are normally static?
  • Is there a need for a standard set of user interface controls? Should these controls use the native platform look and feel?
  • What APIs are needed for Web applications (eg. retrieving and sending data over the network, parsing XML, client-side storage)?
  • How should a Web application and its related resources (e.g. images, sounds) be packaged?
  • What security issues need to be addressed?
  • To what extent can application behavior be usefully abstracted from platform specific details of UI controls? How can the application integrate different modality interfaces (eg. voice, pen, keystrokes)? How to address richer models of interaction management that go beyond simple event handlers?

[via DonXML Demsak's Grok This]

Hmmm, interesting - there is a mailing list and the workshop will also have a public web site. Worth following to see what is presented and conclusionsl, if any.

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