# Wednesday, 26 May 2004

Scoble's 'myths'

So Scoble starts referring to all the negative publicity about Longhorn in general and WinFS specifically as "Myths". This is what we call spin. Or counter-spin. The myths could be spin and Scobles post counter-spin, or maybe Longhorn is spin, the myths are counter-spin and Scobles post is counter-counter-spin. Maybe you could call that a Re-Spin. Anyway. You see there have been some recent articles that claimed that parts of Longhorn were already being dropped or trimmed. Scoble jumps in and implies that these are just myths, (counter?)-spinning Microsoft as the victim. Continue reading... [via BitWorking]

I nearly made some similar comments, but then just couldn't be bothered. I dunno why I'm glad someone did, but I am - perhaps its because it shows (again) that Scoble really doesn't know when to stop digging. It would be quite interesting to ask MS Execs - "you willing to have this guys weblog on an MS domain"? Or do they have to retain plausible deniability?

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