# Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Web pages as widgets

Over at the Zeepe samples page a couple of new widgets have appeared.

These are written as web pages, that means html + css + script.

They appear as full blown apps on your desktop - they don't have to appear within some other container (dashboard).

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# Monday, June 07, 2004

Zeepe (What) Beta

A beta of Zeepe ( is available at http://www.zeepe.com/zp_beta.asp. This release includes support for XP SP2 RC1 (and hopefully RC2) features such as the NewWindow3 event and control of pop-up windows.


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# Friday, May 07, 2004

Xul Challege - Zeepe Calculator Sample

Here is a Zeepe implementation of a calculator for the Xul Coding Challenge:

As with the Counter  sample, implementation is mostly an excercise in DHTML design and coding - this sample is based on code available from http://simplythebest.net/info/dhtml_scripts.html with script additions to provide a keyboard based interface. The menu is provided by the use of the rebar and menubar elements from the zeepe namespace provided by the Zeepe host, their use is as with any other html elements. Note that these elements are not implemented as htcs, they are binary behaviours using the native windows implementation of rebars and commandbars - the calculator will look 'right' on each version of Windows.

<TITLE>Challenge 2004 - Calculator</TITLE>
  <ui ctxmenu="false" />
  <widgets min="false" max="false" resize="false" />
  <position width="350" height="650" halign="middle" valign="middle" />
<style type="text/css">
body {
 overflow: hidden;
 border: none;
 padding: 0;
 margin: 0;
GradientType=0, StartColorStr='#9FBAD0', EndColorStr='#eeeeee');
.num {
 width: 50px;
.op {
 width: 30px;
.output {
 text-align: right;
<script language="javascript" src="zeepe-calc.js"></script>
<BODY onload="calcInit()" onkeydown="onKeyPressed()" onselectstart="return false">
<form name="Keypad" onsubmit="Operation('='); return false;">
<zeepe:rebar id="mainbar">
<menu id="Edit" text="&amp;Edit" >
  <menuitem id="EditCopy" text="&amp;Copy"
         shortcut="Ctrl+C" oncommand="EditCopy()" />
  <menuitem id="EditPaste" text="&amp;Paste"
   shortcut="Ctrl+V" oncommand="EditPaste()" />
     <separator />
  <menuitem id="EditExit" text="E&amp;xit" shortcut="Alt+F4" oncommand="zpmObject.close()" />
    <menu id="Help" text="&amp;Help" >
   <menuitem id="About" text="&amp;About..."  oncommand="About()" />
<table id="layout" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" style="margin: 2px">
 <td colspan="3" align="middle">
  <input class="output" onfocus="document.body.focus();"
name="ReadOut" type="Text" size="24" value="0" width="100%" >
 <td><button onClick="Clear()" class="op">C</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="ClearEntry()" class="op">CE</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="NumPressed(7)" class="num">7</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="NumPressed(8)" class="num">8</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="NumPressed(9)" class="num">9</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="Neg()" class="op">+/-</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="Percent()" class="op">%</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="NumPressed(4)" class="num">4</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="NumPressed(5)" class="num">5</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="NumPressed(6)" class="num">6</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="Operation('+')" class="op">+</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="Operation('-')" class="op">-</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="NumPressed(1)" class="num">1</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="NumPressed(2)" class="num">2</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="NumPressed(3)" class="num">3</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="Operation('*')" class="op">*</button></td> 
 <td><button onClick="Operation('/')" class="op">/</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="NumPressed(0)" class="num">0</button></td>
 <td colspan="3"><button onClick="Decimal()" class="num">.</button></td>
 <td><button onClick="Operation('=')" class="op">=</button></td>
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# Friday, September 12, 2003

A Demo Zeepe 7 Application Has Appeared Over In Zeepe Applications

A demo Zeepe 7 application has appeared over in Zeepe Applications:

Originally written for IE4 some years ago (about 1997/8), this games presents randomly generated sums for drill'n'skill excercises.

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# Wednesday, September 10, 2003
# Saturday, July 26, 2003

Seeing As Im Off To Play Somewhere Else For A Couple Of Weeks An Odd Time To Say It But Zeepe 7 RC 1 Is Availabl

Seeing as I'm off to play somewhere else for a couple of weeks, an odd time to say it but....

Zeepe 7 RC 1 is available over at zeepe.com.

This allows you to do witty things like toolbars etc that are described using XHTML tags (the zeepe: namespace), support javascript event handlers etc and are drawn by the native code so they look right on all Windows platforms.

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# Friday, April 18, 2003

Zeepe 7 Beta

A new Zeepe 7 Beta is now available over at meadroid.com. Main feature: print preview windows appear inside the Zeepe Host frame.

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# Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Zeepe 7 Beta

The Zeepe 7 Beta 1 Release is now available over at meadroid.com. Zeepe 7 features new binary element behaviours for some standard application UI elements; rebars, menubars, toolbars and progress bars. Also included is a simple filmstrip 'control'. Using these new elements it is really easy to put together dhtml applications that look like "the real thing". As a bonus, the appearance of the behaviours obey the norms of the operating system, ie. themes on Windows XP.


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# Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Oh Dear So Long Since Theres Been Any Zeepe News That Radio Seems To Have Got Very Confused About Dates

Oh dear, so long since there's been any Zeepe news that Radio seems to have got very confused about dates.

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MeadCo Peer-Peer Support Newsgroups

MeadCo's peer-to-peer newsgroups for Zeepe and ScriptX are now available - set your newsreader to point to news.meadroid.com.
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# Thursday, December 05, 2002

Blog Browsernbsp OKnbsp Theres AnbspBlog Browser

Blog Browser. 

OK - there's a Blog Browser available in Zeepe Applications. Dave Winer is still working on the definition of files.xml so this may or may not work at the time of reading this if his format has changed and the software hasn't caught up yet.

The format is a little tricky because it just lists all archived files via pathnames, with no information within the xml as to what the file pointed to contains. Currently the Blog Browser assumes that anything stored in a directory 'posts' or 'archives' (because two different systems are using different conventions) is a weblog archive and that the year and month are encoded in the path name as yyyy/m.xml.

If anyone can tell me I'm being daft and there's a really easy way to tell what's what, then I'll be glad to know.

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# Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Radio Case Now Has The New Buttons

Radio Case now has the new buttons.
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# Monday, October 07, 2002

Web Services In ZeepenbspnbspXara3D A Demo C

Web Services in Zeepe,  Xara3D a demo calling Xara3D heading generator available on the applications page.
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# Tuesday, October 01, 2002
# Friday, September 13, 2002
# Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Radio Casing in Zeepe

A UI wrapper for using Userland Radio is now available, built using the Zeepe Toolkit from MeadCo. The wrapper presents the local Radio Website and browsed to pages on the web within a single application frame window - creating a similar effect to a tabbed browser. The wrapper automatically routes page requests outside of the Radio application to the web browser page, and Radio requests (e.g. News feeds subscriptions) to the Radio site browser page.

Why? Because I found it totally frustrating using IE and the Radio News Aggregator - all the back button pushing was just too much.

Please see the Zeepe Applications page for Radio Case.

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