# Wednesday, 07 January 2004

Lets look at those star ratings

But three days later on 15 July, a civil servant in Mr Milburn's private office warned via e-mail that the then health secretary wanted to look at the star ratings again.

Mr Yeo said Mr Milburn had apparently been unhappy about the rating given to the Northumbria Health Care Trust and asked if it could be urgently revisited as an issue.

This is a politically motivated personal attack with political intent, again to harm the NHS as well as this party
John Reid
The e-mail continued: "The secretary of state would also identify South Durham as a high profile trust, given that it serves the prime minister's constituency.

"Why has it fallen from three stars last year to two stars?"

Mr Yeo said: "The very next day on 16 July, a new paper arrived from Mr Wilmore confirming that the star ratings had been recalculated."


"This paper stated and I quote: 'Alterations to the methodology have been made resulting in the changes to individual trusts that were requested'.

 [via BBC NEWS | Politics | Tories call for Milburn NHS probe]

Of course its a politically motivated attack - it took place in the House of Commons (sheeesh!).

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