# Tuesday, 13 July 2004

Hooray - Zeepe: is OK

Lots of email flew around, and Dave eventually seemed to buy in to the idea of using semi-pseudo namespaces. I thought this meant that he’d require something like xmlns:apple="http://www.apple.com/2004/xhtml-extended/" on the root element and then use <apple:dashboard>. Of course it wouldn’t really be a namespace when it was being used in HTML, but it would be an OK tag name and wouldn’t cause any software heartburn. And when it was in XHTML, it would really be a namespace and everything would be fine. [via ongoing · Extending HTML, Again]

Oh this is all such fun! Tim lays into Ian and says (by implication) what Zeepe is doing is fine (xmlns:zeepe="http://www.zeepe.com"), and what Apple (or Dave) originally proposed to do was fine - glad to see a consensus emerging!. (Note, they are not discussing Zeepe, but Dashboard, but Zeepe does similar things to Dashboard, but on Windows).

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