# Monday, February 08, 2010

Real talent

Microsoft Confessions: 'Killed over politics'.  

... The people that need to be cut at MS are the managers that don't support their teams and only support their own careers ..... [via Betanews]

In all my various incarnations being bossed by managers in Companies of any size at all, I've only ever met one who didnt fit this description - the utterly insprirational force that was behind Cellnet's early success (and its not the person who seems to paint themselves as such in the media). IMHO, its a size and longevity issue - there are more people who have only their own interests at heart than 'play for the team' - the bigger you are, the longer you have been reliant on a particular product the more you will hire them. Apple re-invents and re-cycles product to do more than just keep screwing the consumers, its keeps Apple on its toes pretending its young and vibrant and relevant.

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