# Monday, 07 October 2002

Web Services In ZeepenbspnbspXara3D A Demo C

Web Services in Zeepe,  Xara3D a demo calling Xara3D heading generator available on the applications page.
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# Saturday, 05 October 2002

Matt Griffith That Is The Lamest Argument I

Matt Griffith: "That is the lamest argument I've heard. And I hear it all the time. Does anyone really believe that Microsoft is going to decide that .NET is a bad idea and go back to preaching the gospel of COM? " [Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]

It may not go back to preaching COM, but given MS history it is entirely possible that they will "move forward" to the .NEXT big thing. .NET is waiting for a big client side application - otherwise there really is no point in installing it (98...2K).

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# Friday, 04 October 2002

UK To Get Sat Broadband For 16330 Fingers A

UK to get Sat broadband for £30. Fingers and toes crossed [The Register]

For those amongst the 1000 (is that ALL!) who are hobbling about without an arm/leg.

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Government report finds satellite security lax. Commercial satellites may be exposing sensitive data to snooping [InfoWorld: Top News]

Another in the series of why Satellites are the real solution for rural communities.

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Web Services

... Wilkes said the future of software will be in moving away from developers building applications to building platforms that make it easy to connect services.... InfoWorld

Well there we are then, Web Services are IT. Good job I've made Zeepe a platform that makes it easyt to connect services. And when I can get the service to be reliable there'll be a sample, testing stopped 'cos the service stopped :-( 

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and Another With A Wpx Problem Httpdanbricklincomlog Case Only Or General

and another with a wpx problem: http://danbricklin.com/log/, case only or general? (this one is topped: http://danbricklin.com/log/).

Its not general, 'cos both these work - so what is it about these particular pages that is hiding top?

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ServerSide Asynchronous Web Methods A

Server-Side Asynchronous Web Methods. Matt Powell shows how to make use of asynchronous Web methods on the server side to create high performance Microsoft ASP.NET Web services. [Sam Gentile's Radio Weblog]
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