# Friday, 18 October 2002

Guess What Knowledge Management Is A BuzzwordEM

Guess what: "Knowledge Management" is a buzzword. KM Nonsense. Tom Wilson has a kickass article on knowledge management in Information Research. [JOHO the Blog] [Seb's Open Research]

At last, an article that bluntly points out how utterly confused we really are.


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Beta RSS Explorer Tool A Nice Checkbox Inter

Beta: RSS Explorer Tool. A nice check-box interface for discovering new RSS sources. It's a beta, which means there could be bugs, and more features and fixes are probably coming. But it's pretty darned useful right now. For those who don't have Radio yet, here's a screen shot. [Scripting News]

Subsequent to previous post, how does the word nice apply to this and if I was the word discover I'd sue. I think I'm going to have to give up his feed, its irritating me more and more :(, or should that be :)

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Wetware Britt Blaser Describes FONT Colo

Wetware. Britt Blaser describes the next killer app.

The endless hunt - personally I've never been convinced of the concept of a "killer app", and even if we accept it, that its repeatable.

Worth a read though - some interesting points.

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BBC Radio 4 Goes Bonkers Runs Last Years MS NewsE

BBC Radio 4 goes bonkers, runs last year's MS news. Over and over again... [The Register]

Thank heavans - I thought it was I who was going mad.

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.. must be nearly here, the geese are leaving (noisily).
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# Thursday, 17 October 2002

Teen Inventor Creates Mouse Mitt A Teenag

Teen inventor creates 'mouse mitt'. A teenage inventor comes up with a 21st century solution to the computer mouse¸ creating a device to alleviate RSI and spin-offs for the games industry. [BBC News | TECHNOLOGY]

Is something seen in films/read about in books an invention or implementation?

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HCI Links

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Complex GUI Architecture Discussion A

Complex GUI Architecture Discussion? [Slashdot]

Ooooh, one of my favourite topics, must read what's said.

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Creating Applications With Mozilla A Hr

Creating Applications with Mozilla [Slashdot] ..  The Mozilla browser is one of the most extreme examples of this philosophy to ever emerge. Emacs was something special, but this is even more insane....

Its a book review, but worth a read.

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Rich Editing In Mozilla Composite Is A

Rich editing in Mozilla. "Composite is a chrome overlay which enables a streamlined Mozilla Editor for html composition in textareas. To use the editor, hit ctrl-e in a textarea." (50 words) [dive into mark]
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