# Friday, 07 February 2003

ASPNET Intercept

There is yet another new article up on the MSDN site that dicusses how to use HTTP filters, both in ISAPI and ASP.NET to intercept, monitor and modify web requests. Specifically, there is dicussion of using the IHttpModule interface to provide notification of server requests and re-route them based on criteria other than type or version.

[Sam Gentile's Weblog]
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An Exhaustive Exam

This popular series continues: The author shows how to customize the editing interface to allow for databound DropDownLists. That is, if you are editing a database table that has a foreign key to a lookup table, when editing the data you can provide a DropDownList with the values from the lookup table.

[Sam Gentile's Weblog]
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# Thursday, 06 February 2003


Macromedia and Beyond.

After eight years with Allaire and Macromedia, I've decided to move on. ... We established a new category and architecture for Internet applications --- Rich Internet Applications. It's not just marketing anymore. It's a phrase that influential people are using. And it's about a new model for software that combines rich clients with web services, and real-time communications. .... After this week, I'll be moving to a Boston-area venture firm, where I'll be a technologist/entrepreneur in residence. I'm going to help them find interesting opportunities, and then work with their early stage companies. [Jeremy Allaire's Radio]
Well there we are then: Rich Internet Applications - its not just marketing anymore. I await seeing it on a new homepage near you sometime soon <g>.
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# Wednesday, 05 February 2003

Oh Dear So Long Since Theres Been Any Zeepe News That Radio Seems To Have Got Very Confused About Dates

Oh dear, so long since there's been any Zeepe news that Radio seems to have got very confused about dates.

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MeadCo Peer-Peer Support Newsgroups

MeadCo's peer-to-peer newsgroups for Zeepe and ScriptX are now available - set your newsreader to point to news.meadroid.com.
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A Hrefhttpwwwlockergnomecomupdatearchivesweek20030202html00394

Online Testing Patented. "As of last week, Test Central Inc. in Cleveland owns the U.S. patent to conduct testing via the Internet and, in essence, owns the online testing business. ItÂ’s a market that exceeds $10 billion a year, according to a study by Gartner Inc. [Lockergnome's Bits and Bytes]

Not quite as drastic as it sounds since the 'novelty' of the patent seems to be revenue sharing. But this is still absolute madness (the US, again!). Test Central Inc. are here and rather pleased with themselves - they do surveys, how strict is the patent - just asking questions or asking questions for a particular purpose?

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# Tuesday, 04 February 2003

Added Support For Display Runin And Display Compact Not That I Completely Understand How Theyre Supposed To Wo

  • Added support for display: run-in and display: compact. Not that I completely understand how they're supposed to work, but I do have basic test cases behaving "correctly" (by my interpretation of "correct'").

    I think I'm finally ready to start in on the inline box model now. This is going to be lots of fun to hack on. :) [
    Surfin' Safari]

This what I like to see, a major manufacturer publicly stating that they don't understand what the specs mean. I am not trying to mock this honesty - but perhaps the W3C et al would like to make their specs easier to understand. Too many are full of arcane drivel probably purporting to imply they were written by gurus - no there're just inpenetrable drivel.

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# Monday, 03 February 2003