# Wednesday, 14 May 2003

I Also Wanted To Point Everyone To A Nice Regular Expression Repository

I also wanted to point everyone to a nice Regular Expression repository RegExpLib.com (created by Steven Smith) and Dan Applemans excellent Regular Expressions with .NET book. [Alex Lowe's .NET Blog]

Thank you, bloomin' brilliant.

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Dom Validator Controls V20 A Hrefhttpaspalliancecomglav Tar

Dom Validator Controls V2.0.

Paul Glavich has released version 2.0 of his Dom Validator controls.

These controls support all of the client-side validator functionality found in the Microsoft supplied validator controls, but contain support for a wider variety of browsers such as Netscape 6.0+ (client and server side) and 4.72+ (server side only), along with Internet Explorer. This release incorporates a new RangeDomValidator to complete the validator control set, has many bug fixes, and includes .Net framework 1.1 support.

[ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]
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A Hrefhttpmsdnmicrosoftcomwebservicesbuildingframeworkandstudiodefaultaspxpulllibraryenusdnwebsrvhtmlhowweb

How ASP.NET Web Services Work. See how Microsoft ASP.NET Web services methods (WebMethods) provide a high-productivity approach to building Web services. WebMethods can expose traditional Microsoft .NET methods as Web service operations that support HTTP, XML, XML Schema, SOAP, and WSDL. [MSDN: .NET Framework and CLR]
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# Tuesday, 13 May 2003

A Hrefhttpmsdnmicrosoftcommsdnmagissues0305CuttingEdgedefaultas

Cutting Edge - Form-based Programming in ASP.NET. Tips for Forms Programming [MSDN: .NET Framework and CLR]

In here it mentions that showModalDialog suffers from the fact that it cannot host a form without wrapping in an iframe - in Zeepe 7 we don't need the iframe hack.

It also mentions something I didn't know - a .NET generated form must post back to the same 'page'; reasonable I suppose but ....


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# Sunday, 11 May 2003

A Hrefhttpwwwmicrosoftcomdownloadsdetailsaspxfamilyid39044e17249

ADSI Scriptomatic. The ADSI Scriptomatic is designed to help you write ADSI scripts; that is, scripts that can be used to manage Active Directory. [Microsoft Download Center]

This is fascinating for the differences it throws up between the HTA host and the web browser control:

  1. There are some VBScript comments within the body of the document - these do not display in the hta host but display in IE/Webbrowser control host (e.g. Zeepe)
  2. The info buttons (displayed once you've selected something from the two select lists) show when you start the application in IE/WebBrowser but not in HTA. The HTA host does not enable XP theme support so the border-style:none CSS attribute is sufficient to completely override the border style but this is not enough when themes are enabled; border-width:0 is required as well.

1. is particularly interesting - what is different about the HTA host? (You can get this from mshtml via clsid_htadocument rather than clsid_htmldocument).

The sample is also interesting in that to get HTA behaviour within Zeepe, you have to use the Zeepe page object and change some method calls - e.g. zpmObject.close() and zpmObject.ShowHTMLDialog rather than window.close() and window.showModalDialog(). Zeepe also doesn't handle the <HTA:> tag to pick up style info etc, you have to use a Zeepe style definition and Zeepe page object to get the same effect.

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# Friday, 09 May 2003

Google To Fix

Google to fix blog noise problem. -noblog [The Register]

Ahh well, there goes my top spot and I can return once more to obscurity.

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SpamBayes Rocks A H

SpamBayes rocks.
stopping spam
SpamBayes with Outlook Addin In an upcoming InfoWorld article, which will post next Friday and appear in print the following week, I review the SpamBayes filtering engine and Mark Hammond's brilliant Outlook addin. Thanks to this remarkable open source duo, I am ready to declare victory on spam. ... [Jon's Radio]
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Microsoft-specific Google  I'm constantly amazed at how few people know about the Microsoft-specific Google site. The results almost always link back to somewhere on microsoft.com but the results seem to be somewhat more [cough] comprehensive than [sneeze] [rub eyes] MS's own search engine. [nudge] [nudge] Enjoy. [Sellsbrothers]

Well, I never knew Google had an entry page microsoft.html, I wonder how many others there are that are 'quick' entry points to search site:blahblah.com


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# Thursday, 08 May 2003


... DotMenu would make a nice looking archive tool (not the most user friendly, but pretty high on the cool factor) You could click first for archive, then year, month, post. [ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]

I've seen this sort of thing in Java/Flash, but not DHTML - impressive.


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