# Tuesday, 18 November 2003

Scientists Find Mystery Part

Scientists find mystery particle.  Researchers find one of the basic building blocks of matter, but it does not fit with current particle theory. [via BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]

 Ahhh, ye goode olde quark, strangeness and charm. Surely they could have come up with a better name than X(3872).

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Confusing Hy

Confusing Hype with Reality.  ...... Robert Scoble writes ... Blogging and RSS feeds are nice, but they are the icing on the cake of interacting with and satisfying your customer needs not the end all and be all of them.  [via Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life]

 Dare seems to have taken it on as a mission to try and undo the senseless hype - its an amusing battle.

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Aussies Blown Away By Poms Rugby Style NbspTh

Aussies blown away by Poms rugby style.  The online poll never lies [via The Register]

 Vote, vote, vote! At the time of this writing upto 82000 votes and still holding good at 83%, which means some must also be in there trying to up the dull rating. The vote is here.


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Mozilla Et Al Have A New Sitenbspdesign And Very Nice It Is Too

Mozilla et al have a new site design, and very nice it is too.
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Meanwhile Programmers Are Finding Their Own Way Often Using Simple Scripting Tools To Develop The Web Applicat

Meanwhile, programmers are finding their own way, often using simple scripting tools, to develop the Web applications they need fast.  [via Developers show their independent streak - Computerworld]

 Something here for the marketting folks to use?

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# Monday, 17 November 2003

A Hrefhttpwwwinfoworldcomcgibinredirectsourcerssampurlhttpwwwinfoworldcomarticle0311174

Weblogs address authentication, security - Infoworld Staff.  Weblog vendors are steering the technology toward corporate collaboration needs with the addition of security, personalization, and integration features. [via InfoWorld: Top News]

 Ignore the security stuff - couple of references to apps - I wonder whether these appear in browsers or custom "rich clients".


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An Interesting DHTML Behavior Allows B

An interesting DHTML behavior; allows binding to XML as a data grid. [via Better Living Through Software]

 Pretty good, and unusual for being in VBScript.

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We Should Applaud Microsoft For Taking The Initiative In Doing Longhorn And WinFS For Two Reasons They Can U

We should applaud Microsoft for taking the initiative in doing Longhorn and WinFS for two reasons: they can uniquely afford to make the staggering investment required to build this stuff, and they are uniquely in a position to create client-side network effects - not only to their sole benefit, but also openly to the benefit of the customer and solution ecosystem. But the latter will only happen if other developers actively participate in leveraging common WinFS schemas, extending them in domain-specific ways, and standardizing additional types. It will be interesting to see whether this activity ultimately comes from the big players (as has the more recent WS work) or from smaller players/disruptors (as has RSS).

 [via 640KB ought to be enough for anyone]

 Interesting from the point of view that metadata isn't about search its about multiple applications being able to work on the same stuff/interoperate because they all understand it at a high level.

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The Focus Of The Microsoft ISV Buddy Program Is To Make It Easy For ISVs Independent Software Vendors To Engage

The focus of the Microsoft ISV Buddy program is to make it easy for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to engage with Microsoft and to draw ISVs to higher levels of involvement with Microsoft.


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# Friday, 14 November 2003

I'm sorry.

Mr Scoble has been irritating me for a while, I ought to stop reading it
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