# Friday, 09 January 2004

IE Http Headers Tool Nbsp L

IE Http Headers Tool.  

... let folks know about a really cool free IE add-in called ieHTTPHeaders written by Jonas Blunck.  It makes it so much easier to see the HTTP headers for different pages, and is way easier than using a sniffer.  ... [via DonXML Demsak's Grok This]

 Jolly useful.

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# Thursday, 08 January 2004

With Its Online Services Offering NewsGator Is Hoping To Expand Interest In Content Aggregation To A Lesste

With its Online Services offering, NewsGator is hoping to expand interest in content aggregation to a less-technical crowd, Reinacker said. The service will include exclusive content for subscribers, such as technology news, comics and special interest columns. "RSS and content aggregation has had a stigma for a while of being a techie kind of thing, but we're trying to add more mainstream content to make it more exciting for the average user," Reinacker said.

Pricing for a NewsGator Online Services subscription will start at $5.95 a month per user. NewsGator 2.0 for Outlook works with Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later and will cost $29 a copy.

 [via NewsGator Extends Reach With Subscription Service]

Hmm - 'exclusive' content generation and the software to read said content - given the number of tech news, comics and special interest feeds there are anyway, one wonders how they are going to be 'exclusive' or more importantly original/worthwhile.


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# Wednesday, 07 January 2004

Lets look at those star ratings

But three days later on 15 July, a civil servant in Mr Milburn's private office warned via e-mail that the then health secretary wanted to look at the star ratings again.

Mr Yeo said Mr Milburn had apparently been unhappy about the rating given to the Northumbria Health Care Trust and asked if it could be urgently revisited as an issue.

This is a politically motivated personal attack with political intent, again to harm the NHS as well as this party
John Reid
The e-mail continued: "The secretary of state would also identify South Durham as a high profile trust, given that it serves the prime minister's constituency.

"Why has it fallen from three stars last year to two stars?"

Mr Yeo said: "The very next day on 16 July, a new paper arrived from Mr Wilmore confirming that the star ratings had been recalculated."


"This paper stated and I quote: 'Alterations to the methodology have been made resulting in the changes to individual trusts that were requested'.

 [via BBC NEWS | Politics | Tories call for Milburn NHS probe]

Of course its a politically motivated attack - it took place in the House of Commons (sheeesh!).

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25m Freed For Schools Te

£25m 'freed' for schools technology.  The government is freeing schools to spend up to £25m on new technology. [via BBC News | Education | UK Edition]

Oh gawd, here we go again, holes in the roof in preference to fewer computers. With the (relatively) massive amount injected into Schools IT since 1997, and a lot of it (all?) ring fenced standards fund money, why is this £25m necessary - or has that lot been wasted or been spent on something else due to budget problems in (ahem) mending the roof.

Mr Clarke said information and communication technology (ICT) in schools, could help improve GCSE results, by "half a grade" if used properly.

Yeah, right, a very dubious and arguable Becta report is the problably the source of this; haven't seen it trotted out for a few years. Perhaps it's new to Mr Clarke.

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Really useful shortcut

From ChuckOp's Blog

One of my favorite keyboard shortcuts in Windows is CTRL+NUMPAD+Plus.

You can get Windows to automatically resize the columns (in details view) to fit the widest item for the column, so no data is lost and only the space needed is taken. 

Geez... for how many years has this functionality just been sitting there unused? How the heck are people supposed to "discover" this kind of functionality? There's no menu item for this... no button... no help file I've ever seen that states this behavior... [via Andy Smith's Blog]

 Absolutely, jolly nice one this one, jolly useful, why not on the view menu?

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# Monday, 05 January 2004

SystemWebMail Explained Part 3nbs

System.Web.Mail Explained - Part 3.  ..., and felt it needed its own website, in the form of a FAQ. So I built one. You can see it here: System.Web.Mail, OH MY! at http://www.SystemWebMail.com  [via Wanta .NET ?]


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# Monday, 22 December 2003

Economy Business Investment Nbsp12 Fall In

Economy: Business Investment.  1.2% fall in third quarter 2003 [via National Statistics Online]

 Business investment falls - but the £5bn tax take from pensions was supposed to increase this so that our pensions grew.....

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Wes Speculates On Avalon Nbsp It Appears That

Wes speculates on Avalon.  

It appears that Avalon won’t support some of the features we use today:

…it seems that Microsoft is primarily focused on web-like navigation-based applications. I've also heard from sources some traditional controls, like the toolbar won't even be available, because of schedule restrictions and the fact that their functionality can be duplicated to some degree with other Avalon panels.... [via LonghornBlogs.com]

Well there's a thing, so the demo screen shots produced in the beta UI guide (the HealthCare database) was not done using Avalon (it has a menu, a toolbar) - so what was it done with then, or was it done with duplicated functionality to some degree"? I think we should be told.

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# Sunday, 21 December 2003

Scoble kicks everyone out of the sandpit.

The Future of Computing?.  

Robert Heverly took a lot of time out to write a blog post titled "what Scoble doesn't get." I highly recommend everyone at Microsoft read it.

I want a computer with a wide range of scenarios supported out of the box. I want "average users" to be able to do things like watch a video on CNN.com. Send email. Participate in newsgroups. Subscribe to RSS feeds. Read a web page. Watch a DVD. Listen to music. Use a calculator. Instant message with friends. Play some games. And much more.

Most importantly I want these scenarios to be enabled out of the box.

I also want users to always have the latest versions of these apps. Why? Because we'll add features. Fix bugs. Improve experiences and performance. And, add new scenarios.

 [via The Scobleizer Weblog]

I attended the UK developer launch of Windows 95 - during which it was said (I paraphrase) "... and this bit of the sandpit here is where you developers can play...", that bit was about the size of a grain of sand. Winows 95 needed new apps to be developed, the 'official' MS view was they should do most of it, and there is this ickle, didee bitty over there for the rest of you. We wondered why we were there (on a side note, one of the presenters was very rude about Steve Jobs and was booed, he was also forced to apologise after the number of complaints that were made during the lunch break, they also claimed the sandpit analogy wasn't right, but the damage had been done by then).

And here's Scoble at it again. RSS out of the box, DVD music etc out of the box, games and much much more out of the box - and who puts everything into the box, and who wants to update those apps "we" do, which since this is Scoble, means Microsoft.

And this man is an evangelist?

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# Saturday, 20 December 2003

Atom is not very friendly is it?

Atom v0.3.  

I've updated my Atom feed to v0.3, note that it's now at a new location. The feed validator says its not valid, I disagree, the spec says that xml:base should be applied, so relative URL's shoudl be fine.

 [via Simon Fell]

Clever dicks write a spec, and then argue over it and the result is something that may be "clever dick" right but will be, IMHO,  a pain to sort out for aggregators; they are going to have to resolve the relative references before they display the links. What is the point?

Looks like one is going to need Atom specific code as well, this is progress; a spec that says that thou shalt not write html in titles unless you saying you are going to - that seems to be about all we have gained, which from the coding point of view is nothing.



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