# Friday, 28 February 2003

US And

US and China join fusion project. The quest to develop commercially the energy of the stars has two new partners. [BBC News | Technology | UK Edition]

At blooomin' last....

Iter could begin construction in 2006 and be operational in 2014. Fusion research would last for up to 20 years.

Tragically, I think that's what they said back in the mid-70's when JET started. All just an incy wincy bit more difficult than anticipated.

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wxNet A Hrefhttpmarctheaimsgroupcomlmono

wx.Net. Jason Perkins: I have just released version 0.1 of wx.NET, a .NET binding for wxWindows.

Apparently it is intended to work with .NET, Mono, and portable.NET. [Sam Ruby]

Verrryy interesting, but I'm not sure I understand why.

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I Treated Myself To A A Hrefhttpwwwbestbuycomdetailaspe11

I treated myself to a beautiful new laptop yesterday. I'm setting it up now. Yes, it runs Windows XP. I'm now no longer an XP virgin. Okay Microsoft, you win. Uncle. Wish me luck. [Scripting News]

So now he can look at Zeepe Radiocase <g>.

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AspNetEmail I Have Been Usi


I have been using aspNetEmail for you quite a while now, and it rocks. Very stable and the V2 features of IMail and MS SMTP Queuing are great if you need to send a lot of messages (spammers disregard this last message).

Along with a great product, on the aspNetEmail site you will find a couple pretty handy samples.

RapidMailer: Is a small winform app that allows you query a database and use common mail merge features. This is what I use to send out all of the .NET Weblogers updates about the site.

WebMailer: Is a pretty good demonstration on how to run a long running process in a web form (yes, I know you easily create a service, but many times you don't have proper server access). [ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]


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# Tuesday, 25 February 2003


IHTML: Interactive HTML.

Of late, I have been dreaming about IHTML.  IHTML is, as I define it, HTML for highly interactive web applications.  It defines new high-level tags for defining new interactive behaviors and for replacing all those custom DHTML+CSS+JavaScript-based widgets with 'native' components.  It also supports weblets, client-side web applications that extends browsers.

Ahem, sounds like Zeepe 7 to me.

To make IHTML a reality, I have embedded Python and PythonCOM into Internet Explorer.  That was hard, but the hard part is over and the fun part begins.  Beyond replacing IHTML tags with native parts on the fly, I am playing with the idea of Persistent Page which are web pages with persistance and mutates over its lifetime: changes you make on the page are permanent.  Sounds weird, but is no different from writing on your newspaper.  The kicker is that these pages are smart and task-oriented.  Fun stuff.

DHTML + (Active)Scripting language of your choice.

In case you are wondering, I have little interest in what W3C might say about IHTML. [Don Park's Blog]

The W3C have DOM + XHTML (==IHTML)?

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# Monday, 24 February 2003

UK Unveils Plans For Greener Energy A Switch T

UK unveils plans for greener energy. A switch towards cleaner forms of energy and away from fossil fuels and nuclear power is being unveiled. [BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition]

If a butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo makes it rain here, what does 1000s of windmills do to the weather in Tokyo?

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# Sunday, 23 February 2003

David Davies The Content Conundrum

David Davies : The content conundrum (a chat about RLOs). Quote: "Reusable learning objects (RLOs) are at the centre of much of educational technology standards and specification activity. Rather than ask what are RLOs (there are plenty of definitions, pick one that meets your needs) we'll ask some different questions about where they come from, who will use them, and how."

Comment: Nicely written piece answering common, realistic, questions about Reusable Learning Objects. [
Serious Instructional Technology]
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# Friday, 21 February 2003

The Last Configuration Section Handler Ill Eve

The Last Configuration Section Handler I'll Ever Need. I'm sure someone, somewhere has already written this, but I figured it out on my own today, and it's just too cool not to share. Basically, it's a bit of code that lets me store objects in my application of web configuration file, and all I have to do is write the type that holds the values. [CraigBlog] Read the story and get the code

Very cool. I feel so dumb for not thinking of this a long time ago. ehhh..[ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]

Yep, cool.

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opensourceCMS Quote This Site Was Created With One Goal In Mind

opensourceCMS. Quote: "This site was created with one goal in mind. To give you the opportunity to "try out" some of the best php/mysql based free and open source software systems in the world. You are welcome to be the administrator of any site here, allowing you to decide which system best suits your needs."

Comment: see also
http://www.cmsinfo.org/ [Serious Instructional Technology]

Interesting to wander around. People I've met recently are all heavily into CMS, but I still feel that each of 'em means a different thing by the term - perhaps that's why there are so many offerings.

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# Thursday, 20 February 2003

More On Regular Expressions Im Starting To Use NETs Reg

More on Regular Expressions.

I'm starting to use .NET's RegEx class all over...in ways I never expected.  Here's the tools and sites I'm using lately:

And Library Resources:

[Scott Hanselman's Weblog] [ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]
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# Friday, 14 February 2003

Wired News Interviews Netscape Founder Mar

Wired News interviews Netscape founder Marc Andreessen. The intro incorrectly gives him credit for writing the first Web browser. That honor goes to Tim Berners-Lee. [Scripting News]

An interview that really rather does make him look like a twerp - but then I've never been impressed by the bloke.

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# Thursday, 13 February 2003

Wikilog Software

Wikilog software. SnipSnap is "a free and easy to install Weblog and Wiki Software written in Java" (via George) [Seb's Open Research]
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More On The TaskVision Sample It Is An Odd Sample The Autoupdating Feature Is Seemingly Independent Of NETisms It

More on the TaskVision sample.

It is an odd sample. The auto-updating feature is seemingly independent of .NETisms. It would appear there is a stub program which launches the real program - and the stub program stays alive while the 'real one' is running. Meanwhile, said stub looks for a bit of xml on the internet and if said xml says hey I've got a new version downloads it to a *new* directory (it can't overwrite a running program) and runs that next time - it also has a method the real program can call back on periodically and say have you got new, in which case it asks the user if they'd like to switch. Presumably, it then closes down and the stub launches the new. There is absolutely nothing here that couldn't be done without .NET, indeed, I think Wise and Installshield provide such services. Which just goes to show that all .NET is a set of new languages and redone libraries - WinForms doesn't really provide anything new (?) whereas ASP.NET really does seem to provide something new/extended over the old ASP. The question is then, is writing programs easier with .NET than with VB/C++? Do you get less buggy, more 'secure' programs (which was always a claim for Java)?

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Text Service Warns Of Attacks Londoner

Text service warns of attacks. Londoners can sign up to a commercial service that will send text messages to help them cope with terror attacks on the capital. [BBC News | Technology | UK Edition]

Every cloud has a silver lining or an economic opportunity.

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Trinity Hall Reunion 2003 - Class of '76-'78

Well here's an experiment. I know a couple of people pondering about whether to go to this bash. The experiment is will anyone wander here also wondering - if so drop me a line via the mail button to the left.
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TaskVision: Web Deployed WinForms Sample

Interesting sample for the fact that the bits people might be very interested in (the graph and collapsable panel UI components) seem to be binaries only, not source. Also, interesting for MS upping the ante with something more real-world on how they (may) see the future for applications running with the Internet - as opposed to running via the Internet. HTA never went anywhere, and I don't expect it to.

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# Wednesday, 12 February 2003
# Tuesday, 11 February 2003

New Mac Tool

New Mac Tool Is Kon-Fabulous. An open-source programming tool for nonprogrammers called Konfabulator lets Mac OS X users create Widgets to do anything from getting the local weather to ordering a pizza online. By Leander Kahney. [Wired News]

Not in this way, which is sort of XUL like, but essentially Zeepe can do this - its all a question of presentation.

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The Web As A Diffuse Subs

The Web as a Diffuse Substrate. Clay Shirkey sure knows how to write an article [Sam Ruby]

Is interesting more for its general sociology view rather than application to weblogs, it wanders off towards the end. But, near the beginning is this:

...matters is this: Diversity plus freedom of choice creates inequality, and the greater the diversity, the more extreme the inequality.

Which ought to give the planners at New Labour UK food for thought.

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# Saturday, 08 February 2003

Another Software Tool For Concept Mapping This Posting Extends The Discussion Of Con

Another Software Tool for Concept Mapping. This posting extends the discussion of concept mapping, cognitive mapping, and topic maps by introducing another tool, the IHMC Concept Map Software. [EduResources--Higher Education Resources Online]
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# Friday, 07 February 2003

ASPNET Intercept

There is yet another new article up on the MSDN site that dicusses how to use HTTP filters, both in ISAPI and ASP.NET to intercept, monitor and modify web requests. Specifically, there is dicussion of using the IHttpModule interface to provide notification of server requests and re-route them based on criteria other than type or version.

[Sam Gentile's Weblog]
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An Exhaustive Exam

This popular series continues: The author shows how to customize the editing interface to allow for databound DropDownLists. That is, if you are editing a database table that has a foreign key to a lookup table, when editing the data you can provide a DropDownList with the values from the lookup table.

[Sam Gentile's Weblog]
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# Thursday, 06 February 2003


Macromedia and Beyond.

After eight years with Allaire and Macromedia, I've decided to move on. ... We established a new category and architecture for Internet applications --- Rich Internet Applications. It's not just marketing anymore. It's a phrase that influential people are using. And it's about a new model for software that combines rich clients with web services, and real-time communications. .... After this week, I'll be moving to a Boston-area venture firm, where I'll be a technologist/entrepreneur in residence. I'm going to help them find interesting opportunities, and then work with their early stage companies. [Jeremy Allaire's Radio]
Well there we are then: Rich Internet Applications - its not just marketing anymore. I await seeing it on a new homepage near you sometime soon <g>.
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# Wednesday, 05 February 2003

Oh Dear So Long Since Theres Been Any Zeepe News That Radio Seems To Have Got Very Confused About Dates

Oh dear, so long since there's been any Zeepe news that Radio seems to have got very confused about dates.

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MeadCo Peer-Peer Support Newsgroups

MeadCo's peer-to-peer newsgroups for Zeepe and ScriptX are now available - set your newsreader to point to news.meadroid.com.
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A Hrefhttpwwwlockergnomecomupdatearchivesweek20030202html00394

Online Testing Patented. "As of last week, Test Central Inc. in Cleveland owns the U.S. patent to conduct testing via the Internet and, in essence, owns the online testing business. ItÂ’s a market that exceeds $10 billion a year, according to a study by Gartner Inc. [Lockergnome's Bits and Bytes]

Not quite as drastic as it sounds since the 'novelty' of the patent seems to be revenue sharing. But this is still absolute madness (the US, again!). Test Central Inc. are here and rather pleased with themselves - they do surveys, how strict is the patent - just asking questions or asking questions for a particular purpose?

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# Tuesday, 04 February 2003

Added Support For Display Runin And Display Compact Not That I Completely Understand How Theyre Supposed To Wo

  • Added support for display: run-in and display: compact. Not that I completely understand how they're supposed to work, but I do have basic test cases behaving "correctly" (by my interpretation of "correct'").

    I think I'm finally ready to start in on the inline box model now. This is going to be lots of fun to hack on. :) [
    Surfin' Safari]

This what I like to see, a major manufacturer publicly stating that they don't understand what the specs mean. I am not trying to mock this honesty - but perhaps the W3C et al would like to make their specs easier to understand. Too many are full of arcane drivel probably purporting to imply they were written by gurus - no there're just inpenetrable drivel.

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# Monday, 03 February 2003

Firebirdnbsp OS For WindowsLinux OfnbspBorlands Interbase

Firebird - OS for Windows/Linux of Borland's Interbase.
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RESULTs A National Learning Technology Portal This Is A Specialized UK Site For Profes

RESULTs, a National Learning Technology Portal. This is a specialized UK site for professionals concerned about learning technologies; RESULTs is focused on the use of learning technologies in higher education. [EduResources--Higher Education Resources Online]
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# Sunday, 02 February 2003

Finding Hub Blogs Blogspace Needs A Di

Finding Hub Blogs. Blogspace needs a directory of hub blogs organized by topics.  Recognizing a hub blog is easy enough.  A hub blog has a large number of subscribers and links to other blogs.  A hub blog's topics can be either inferenced by content and links or specified explicitly. [Don Park's Blog]

Maybe I've missed something but it does surpise me that the blog crawlers (e.g. Technorati) out there don't seem to do anything like this. The 'citation analysis' algorithm proposed by Jon Klienberg would be highly usable here, though would require a fair number of tweaks to sort out outbound links and inbound links to a 'blog' rather than an individual blog page - but results from this algorithm can be impressive.

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ASPNET Page Templates ASPNET Page Template Te

ASP.NET Page Templates......

ASP.NET Page Template techniques has become a hot button issue among ASP.NET developers. I've done a bit of research on the topic so I thought I would list the articles I read during my research to save you folks a bit of time:


Now, which one is best? Well, I think that depends on what other things you plan to do with your pages. The techniques above vary in complexity, implementation, and how they perform in the VS.NET designer. Check out all of the techniques and let us know how they work for you by posting a comment. I'm sure we'd all love to know if you have other techniques that we should hear about (give us a comment!).

[Alex Lowe's Blog]
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