# Sunday, 30 March 2003

Caching Architecture Gui

Caching Architecture Guide pdf download. This guide provides information for architects and developers who are implementing caching mechanisms in their distributed .NET applications. It covers caching for different types of applications, best practices of technologies to use, and code samples to help you implement a caching system. [Microsoft Download Center]
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ECMAScript gets XML. Better known by its original name of JavaScript, ECMAScript will soon be gaining XML extensions, according to a  press release today from ECMA International, ... [Loosely Coupled weblog]

If this comes to pass in MS JScript its very useful/important for environments such as Zeepe.

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InfoPath 2003 A Tool For Gathering XML Data See Ten Th

InfoPath 2003, a tool for gathering XML data (see "Ten things to know about Xdocs"). Now that I've had a chance to work with InfoPath, its role and value are becoming clearer. [Full story at InfoWorld.com] ... [Jon's Radio]

Regarding the XHTML editor, Jean confirms that it is, indeed, derived from the DHTML editor

How interesting.

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# Saturday, 29 March 2003

Regret Over Blair Execution Comment

'Regret' over Blair execution comment. A government minister expresses regret over any hurt caused by the prime minister's claim that two British soldiers were executed. [BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition]

In particular he expressed outrage that pictures of the bodies were paraded on an Arab news channel... "It is yet one more flagrant breach of all the proper conventions of war. ..."

Interesting wording proper conventions, after seeing/reading about US/UK claims that broadcast of pictures of prisoners in particular ways was against the Geneva Convention a chum went and read said Convention (the wonders of the Internet) and can't find the clause that says anything particular about this. Anyone able to help? (whose got a few hours to spare!) - but my guess is it is down to interpretation of some phrase such as "should be treated properly".

Asked why he had referred to their deaths as executions, Mr Blair said it was "because of the circumstances we know".

Presumably, if he told us what he knew, he'd have to kill us.

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# Thursday, 27 March 2003

So I Have Been Waiting With Great Anticpation DMer Frit

So, I have been waiting with great anticpation DM'er Fritz Onion's book as he is one of the crown princes of ASP.NET and I must say that Essential ASP.NET With Examples in C# just absolutely rocks! Right down into the architecture in Chapter 1, Bing! HTTP Pipeline in Chapter 4, Valifation, Data Binding, Custom Controls, etc. In other words, the real stuff. This is the one ASP.NET book to rule them all! Excuse my enthusiasm,[Sam Gentile's Blog]

Well its about time I bought a new book.

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If People Are Interested In Web Applications They Migh Consider Runtime Revolu

If people are interested in Web applications, they migh consider Runtime Revolution [runrev.com], a cheap ($300) cross-platform (Mac, Win, Linux, etc.) alternative with native support for sockets and other amazing tools, including multimedia support, that really allow you to accomplish what needs to be done.

Apparently, not checked out.

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Macromedia Frees Flash

Macromedia frees Flash from the browser. Macromedia hopes to make its animation player a "first-class citizen" on PCs with a new addition that allows the software to operate outside a Web browser. [CNET News.com]

Along with providing the client software--a free addition to the free Flash player--Macromedia plans to sell a wealth of downloadable Flash applications created by third-party developers. Macromedia will take 20 percent of any software sales, with the rest going to developers

And yet another way of doing things, cross-platform, small(ish), but what I don't get is how it is tied into Central:

Macromedia Central will create an environment where Flash applications can run independent of the browser.

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# Monday, 24 March 2003

Great Feedster Results A Hrefhttpw3futu

Great Feedster results. Searching for URLs in Feedster and subscribing to it works great! I'm subscribed to the results for “http://w3future.com”, and there are more results than in the referrer statistics. Some blogs don't generate referrers because they are low traffic, and/or they repost my whole post so there's no reason to go to this site.[Sjoerd Visscher's weblog]

Hmmm, searching for "http://w3future.com" and "http://www.profundis.co.uk" seems to give the same result set, and especially for me a darned silly result set of over 42000 matches. I don't think so! It would seem such a search looks for "profundis" or "co" or "uk" - or something like that.

And the rss returned by feedster won't display in IE - or maybe its an error in one of the feeds that makes up the result set.


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# Wednesday, 19 March 2003


Call for public support on Iraq. Downing Street urges the country to rally behind UK troops as Tony Blair wins MPs' backing for war despite a major revolt. [BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition]

After the votes, the prime minister's official spokesman said: "It is now time for all of us in Parliament and in the country to come together and show the support our Armed Forces deserve."


Labour chairman John Reid told BBC News Online: "It is now clear that Parliament has voted clearly to support the government in its efforts to disarm Saddam Hussein. Now that the democratic decision has been taken, it is time for the country and Parliament to unite."

Eh? So what Parliament on a three line whip decides we all have to quietly put up with? Anyone remember the poll-tax? And lets not get into that no 'democratic decision' was taken in the UN because they knew they'd lose.

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Sun To Pus

Sun to push developer package, Java spec. Delayed software aimed at Web services developers [InfoWorld: Top News]

Called the Sun ONE Web Services Platform Developer Edition, the package includes Sun's application server, portal server, identity server and integration server, as well as its Sun ONE Studio integrated development environment, its portlet builder and other tools. This week marks general availability of the package. In addition, for six months starting on April 1 Sun will offer promotional pricing of $999, Nolan said. After that time it will carry a list price of $5,000. Bought separately, developer licenses for the products would cost $36,000, according to Nolan.

Well theres a bunch of prices.

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Although He Hasnt Yet Used It Richard Tallnet Has Posted

Although he hasn't yet used it, Richard Tallnet has posted an article, "Six Reasons why InfoPath is DOA". They are all very valid reasons. I have a post to make later on the subject, but Richard is dead on with his take, this is not a tool for developers (but that does not mean its not a good tool in general).[ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]

Worth a gander - interesting to note that Forms design has still not caught up with PinPoint (you design the form, the schema gets designed for you).

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# Saturday, 15 March 2003

NET Security Articles At MSDN MSDN Is A Vast Resource And As Such F

.NET Security Articles at MSDN.

MSDN is a vast resource, and as such finding specific information on Security is sometimes an exercise in patience. In short, I can't ever find these darn articles when I am looking for them, so here are direct links to them:

.NET Security

[Mobile Musings by Anil John]

[ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]
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A Hrefhttpmsdnmicrosoftcomvisualctechinfoarticlesloaderlockdefaul

There is a defect in VS.NET 2002 and the forthcoming VS.NET 2003 VC++ compiler that can cause an application freeze.  The defect occurs while loading a DLL that combines managed and unmanaged code. If you're working with Visual C++ and .NET, you definitely want to educate yourself on this defect. [Thinking In .NET]

Seeing as I was considering this as a route, I'd better educate myself then. Interesting articles from MS backing this, in particular this technical paper. Its the style of it I find interesting - an apparent openness and honesty. It may all be smoke and mirrors, but is their some subtle change going on at MS?

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# Thursday, 13 March 2003

HttpHandlers And The IIS Metabase

HttpHandlers and the IIS Metabase.

Our team has recently consolidated a bunch of intranet sites housed on various team members' machines into subwebs on a larger server.  I had been hosting one of the sites from my office, and needed a way to redirect all hyperlinks to that particular subweb to a new subweb without affecting the rest of the sites on the machine.  ASP.NET provides a rather simple way of doing this:

using System.Web;

namespace Forward {
  public class Forwarder : IHttpHandler

    public Forwarder(){}

    public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)

      string subWeb = "http://mymachine/subweb";
      string oldWeb = "http://newmachine/newsubweb";

      HttpRequest request = context.Request;
      HttpResponse response = context.Response;
      string newUrl = request.Url.AbsoluteUri.Replace(subWeb,newWeb);

    public bool IsReusable
      get { return false; }

compiled as forward.dll and placed in the subweb's bin/ directory, with the following added to the Web.config:

         <add verb="*" path="*" type="Forward.Forwarder, Forward" />

Funny enough, this only worked for paths like http://mymachine/subweb/foo.aspx, since paths like http://mymachine/subweb/foo.htm were routed directly to the filesystem by IIS and bypassed ASP.NET.  I remembered having this problem before, when .NET was still in development, and the trick was to associate the "*" file extension with ASP.NET in the script map.  Too bad IIS no longer stores the script map in the registry where it's easy to mess with.

A bit of searching and I found:


I just had to use MetaEdit to find LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT/ScriptMaps and add:


and everything is working great now. [Better Living Through Software]

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More HttpHandlers Richard Birkby P

More HttpHandlers.

Richard Birkby pointed me to his URL rewriting code, similar to Apache's mod_rewrite.  It's a clever piece of code, and also works with the metabase hack I described (to get * mapped rather than .* or .).  The comments in the article led me to an ISAPI rewriter, and a rather creative hack that involves overriding the behavior of the 404 redirect page.

My little handler is working fine, but I could have saved myself a bunch of time by checking CodeProject.com first.

[Better Living Through Software]
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Another Alternative To XForms Is Xopusnbsp Last Time I Looked This Was Interesting But Bugg

Another alternative to XForms is Xopus - last time I looked this was interesting but buggy, but that was a while ago. As I said to someone a couple of days ago, the problem these days is not defining what the problem is, or what the desired outcomes are, its deciding what tools to apply to acheive the outcomes. It was all sooo much easier when it was a choice between Apple II + Apple Basic or CPM + MBasic.

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Simple MarkupA

Simple markup. I'm currently looking into textile for inspiration.[Sam Ruby]

Interesting little thing, there are times when dialogs etc are very cumbersome and a little bit of markup is much easier to use.

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.. since my group does (.NET) System.XML, maybe I can provide some more insight.  ... More managed apps, and more client UI.  Currently about 99% of all desktop apps are native code.  We want to see that number be closer to zero.  This alone is going to put a ton of pressure on teams to do a better job of componentizing their libraries.  [Better Living Through Software]

As the tiger would say "how delightful".

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SPAN Class23

The Blog Explorer now has category and date views, and a pseudo-aggregator....  You can see this by clicking the Explorer link on the top right of pages on the blog web siteUsing an Explorer Bar (in this case the Search Pane) kind of gets you the best of a frameset, without the drawbacks (document titles, synchronization, etc).  [Blog Curioso] This is really cool. Maybe I can do something similar and enable posting/re-posting from it? [ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]

The use of _search or _media as the target of window.open() is not something we directly support in the ZPX browser control - the question is should (can!) we?

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Itnbspwould Appear That If You Want An Internet Server That Does EverythingnbspA Hrefhttpwwwopenlinkswcomvirtuoso

It would appear that if you want an Internet server that does everything, OpenLink's Virtuoso is a candidate to add to the list.
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The CommentAPI The Easiest Way To Explain It Is That Yo

The CommentAPI. The easiest way to explain it is that you can post a comment via posting an RSS item fragment. [Sam Ruby]

Simpe and elegant for a simple facility - much better than the complexities of SOAP/XML-RPC for such a simple service.

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# Monday, 10 March 2003

Seriously Damned Fine DHTML Oddpostnbsp Go To The Demo Not Surprisingly A Couple Of Th

Seriously damned fine DHTML: Oddpost - go to the demo, not surprisingly a couple of the people were at halfbrain.com.
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Clemens Vasters Has Some Interesting Observations On InfoPathA

Clemens Vasters has some interesting observations on InfoPath that indicate that it might well be suitable for forming a part of a survey infrastructure. The (maybe better) alternative i XForms which has the 'merit' of being a standard, just not implemented by anyone and apparently not implemented by InfoPath. One could add XForms support to IE/Zeepe as namespace behaviours - it has already been done by FormsPlayer (IE 6 SP1 only - why?).
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Boycott GooglenbspisnbspA Hrefhttpwwwgavinsblogcom

Boycott Google. is Gavin Sheridan's view. After Google's purchase of Pyra there seems to be a spot of paranoia 'bout, but as DC Greg observed, citing good'ol Mr Winer is not necessarily safe:

It's important to note that Dave Winer never (publicly) had anything but glowing, postive things to say about Google until Google acquired Pyra, his primary competitor. (See http://scriptingnews.userland.com/backissues/2003/03/06#weaningOffGoogle.) Dave Winer is certainly not an unbiased commentator by any means.


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# Saturday, 08 March 2003

Private JREs Ted Has A Po

Private JRE's. Ted has a post detailing how to use a private JRE install for a java based app to side step versioning issues. This is great stuff, I used Ted's earlier white paper on the subject to do a private JVM on a current project. If you're a Java guy you need to be reading Ted's blog. [Simon Fell]

Well, its of interest at the moment 'cos of a project, which is why its here in my info store.

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nbspso Ive Been Spending Some Quality Time Using Eclipse

... so I've been spending some quality time using Eclipse.... And speaking of Flash, Macromedia have been pushing Flash as a tool for building client applications, I'm yet to be convinced, its been a pretty painful process so far. [Simon Fell]

Hmm, Eclipse looks most interesting - a 30second glance seems to imply that its a toolkit/platform for developing IDEs - must investigate.

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Xabyl Neil Has Created An Editor For XB


Neil has created an editor for XBL files called Xabyl. If you're into creating XBL for Mozilla, check it out here.

This just reminds me of the XBL bugs I still need to fix in Mozilla. Some nice person should help me out and start fixing some of the XBL issues (especially order of initialization problems with properties, fields, and constructors). I would be happy to provide implementation pointers.

Props to bryner for deCOMtaminating my baby. I'm ashamed that I perpetuated the COM problem in XBL, but I do feel compelled to point out that this is one case where COM wasn't showing up as a performance problem.

BTW, I'll buy dinner for the first person to implement XBL fastload.

[Surfin' Safari]
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# Thursday, 06 March 2003

Web Frontends Versus Windows Given The Economic Situation Most Compa

Web front-ends versus Windows: .. Given the economic situation, most companies will be looking for clear economic value -- and not just technical capabilities -- before making an investment in new client technologies. [ZDNet]

A tad dull but interesting to observe that if there's suppposedly load of web based 'applications'; some ought to benefit from simple deployment of a framework (Zeepe) that removes some of the wrinkles of working with the browser - that's assuming you are running Windows.

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# Tuesday, 04 March 2003

XML Web Services Are Kewl And A Hrefhttpdotnetweblo

XML Web Services are kewl......

And Darren is pointing everyone to Dan Wahlin's wonderful XML videos (and site):

Dan Wahlin's done it again... he's posted 4 excellent Windows Media movies that show a simple example for getting started with WSE


In it learn how to:

  1. Wire-up WSE in your project
  2. Implement IPasswordProvider
  3. Check a web request for security tokens
  4. Make a web request with added security tokens

Dan is the man when it comes to XML and Web Services! If you haven't checked out the other samples on his site then I highly recommend it!

[Alex Lowe's .NET Blog]
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eXtensible C Is Here I Just Released EXtensible C

eXtensible C#© Is Here!. I just released eXtensible C# (XC#), a companion to Visual studio and C#.
XC# supports
- Obfuscation
- Code coverage
- Declarative assertions
- Partial code verification
- and more...

XC# can be downloaded for free at

Posted by Pierre Nallet on Wed, February 19, 2003 @ 1:02AM [sellsbrothers.com: Windows Developer News]
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I Wonder If This Is Useful For Complexnbspsetup Sequences Windows Installer File Msi To XML And Visaversa A Hrefht

I wonder if this is useful for complex setup sequences - Windows Installer file (msi) to XML and visa-versa: msi2xml/xml2msi [via Better Living Through Software]

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