# Monday, 28 April 2003
# Thursday, 24 April 2003

Great FreeTextBox A

Great FreeTextBox. FreeTextBox is a great looking free open source rich text control for ASP.NET.  Go check it out and try different examples.  [Don Park's Blog]

Interesting UI style of grippers on unmoveable items, also note the range of commercial alternatives.

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XHTML + XForms + XLink = Xanadu. ... Don't get me wrong, these new technologies are certainly spiffy from the computer's point of view. I'm sure all the robots are very happy about their new, uber-understandable XML markups. But what about humans? [BitWorking]

Good 'ol Mr Winer made some comment 'bout how difficult CSS is and got slam dunked on some comment list somewhere. The above article is worth a read, along with the linked article Isn't It Supposed To Get Easier?; HTML+CSS is about the limit, all this XPath+XLink+XForms+XHTML+..... is just getting way too difficult for people. I don't think abstration tools will help either; programs written in ignorance of what is going on 'under the hood' will go wrong if only because its impossible to know where to start debugging. The problem with the Internet is all the wildly brainy people who used to be locked up in Universities doing strange things are now on bloomin' standards committees producing wildly unusable specs. Its no wonder no interesting new software is being written; its too damn difficult.

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# Friday, 18 April 2003

Hmmmm A HrefhttpblogsgotdotnetcomBradApermalinkaspxec522a2e68424d7792d0994b07cdc355


Like a breath of fresh air. I can't believe it, just last week I was pulling great content from internal aliases and posting them here.  Now Chris Brumme is actively blogging his OWN stuff and, even better, referring that same internal alias to his public blog.  We are starting to stand the traditional information flow model on its head.  Blogs are letting us publish this information to our internal and external customers at the same time.  We are narrowing that gap between Microsoft and our real boss [Brad Abrams]

  1. From the fact that there's a large internal alias on .NET, does that mean large numbers of MS coders are now working in .NET (for Longhorn)?
  2. Chris Brumme (I think it was he), had an article the other day extolling the virtues of the CLR has hiding the complexities of OS differences (at a threading level) from you, i.e. the CLR becomes a way of providing a unified Windows API on different versions of Windows!
  3. Asking the real boss to keep up with loads of different MS employee blogs is a bit of a wierd way of ensuring you give as good support to them as you do to the internal app developers.
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Zeepe 7 Beta

A new Zeepe 7 Beta is now available over at meadroid.com. Main feature: print preview windows appear inside the Zeepe Host frame.

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# Thursday, 17 April 2003

RSS Workshop

Looks to be a conpreshensive page an all things RSS, there's probably loads of these things, just at a glance this covered things I wasn't aware of: Rss Workshop
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# Tuesday, 15 April 2003

OPMLOrg A HrefhttpwwwopmlorghowToImplementOpmlDirectoryBro

OPML.Org: How To implement an OPML directory browser. [Scripting News]

I wonder if it is worth patching together something for this?

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Education Network Australia

Education Network Australia - Online Developer's Kit. Quote: "Some services are available as XML. Implementing EdNA Online's XML services enables you to customise them with your website's look and feel for seamless integration. These services are suitable for websites and portals that are able to implement XML and have a budget for integration."

Comment: also via "OLDaily" - the XML services are described in ... wait for it... a Word document.  I can't make them work. [
Serious Instructional Technology]

For my own edification, might be able to do something interesting with these. At least EdNA keeps moving, which is more than seems to be apparent in the UK.

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# Saturday, 12 April 2003

A Hrefhttprsscomcom21001012996528htmltypeptamppartrssamptag

Microsoft limits Office 2003 XML. A distinction between professional and standard versions of Office 2003 means some customers may not get all the features they've been expecting, including broad support for Web services. [CNET News.com]

But the limiting by Microsoft of full XML capabilities to certain versions of Office means many customers could have to live with proprietary formats for a while longer. In the process, Microsoft likely will create unneeded customer confusion around Office 2003, say analysts


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# Monday, 07 April 2003

Adventures In Visual

Adventures in Visual Basic .NET: Windows Forms Data Binding and Objects. Rocky Lhotka shows you how to write code that you can add to your business and collection classes to better support the features of Windows Forms data binding. [MSDN: Visual Studio .NET]
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# Saturday, 05 April 2003



Might be useful in the future.

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# Friday, 04 April 2003

NbspI Was Surprised At The Number Of Web Browser A Hrefhttpdo

 I was surprised at the number of web browser shells that have been built for IE.  [Better Living Through Software]

Lists 219 hits, not all IE based but heck what a lot of browsers.

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# Wednesday, 02 April 2003

Zeepe 7 Beta

The Zeepe 7 Beta 1 Release is now available over at meadroid.com. Zeepe 7 features new binary element behaviours for some standard application UI elements; rebars, menubars, toolbars and progress bars. Also included is a simple filmstrip 'control'. Using these new elements it is really easy to put together dhtml applications that look like "the real thing". As a bonus, the appearance of the behaviours obey the norms of the operating system, ie. themes on Windows XP.


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# Tuesday, 01 April 2003

XML For Analysis Softwar

XML for Analysis Software Development Kit. The Microsoft XML for Analysis Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the Microsoft® XML for Analysis provider, sample client applications, and documentation. [Microsoft Download Center]
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