# Saturday, 31 May 2003

More on is IE Dead?

Legacy OSes have reached their zenith with the addition of IE 6 SP1. Further improvements to IE will require enhancements to the underlying OS. [Microsoft TechNet]  [via Sjoerd Visscher's weblog]

This (the TechNet chat) is interesting for discussing ESC (enhanced security configuration) for Windows Server 2003 and then the little snippets about IE futures at the end.

"Require" is a bit daft (enhancement could be just improved css support, which requires update of mshtml) unless mshtml is now considered part of the underlying OS and not a separate component. Or, mshtml has gone/significantly changed/bound up with something else. Or, they've just made the decision, IE6 is it as a stand-alone app - full stop. Perhaps they view it as time (after 10 years by the time Longhorn comes out) to move PCs beyond an obsession with the "web browser". Browser share is no longer an issue, they can well afford for IE share to go down because its not perceived as a threat to core business anymore - the killer XPlatform apps never appeared; Windows remains supreme and Mozilla et al even if they grow to say 75%-80% (again) present no threat in answering the question 'what OS do I want on my box?'.

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# Friday, 30 May 2003

The Valley Of Goodness I Know I Have Seen A Hrefhttpstaffdevelopc

The valley of goodness. I know I have seen Mike Woodring's section of Developmentor before, but for those of you who have yet to visit, you might want to stop by. Lots of cool .NET utilities and samples. [ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]
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A Hrefhttpnewsbbccoukgoclickrss091public1hieducation29478

700 teachers to go over funding crisis. Schools' money problems are leading to redundancies all over England, a BBC survey finds. [BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition]

The government recently freed up some of their repairs budgets for day-to-day running costs, such as staffing.

They've done more than just that. I've heard that for ring fenced 'standard's fund' money for which you had to submit a detailed proposal and which had to be approved by the LEA - now just submit any old proposal and it will get approved (with a nod and a wink that they won't check what you are spending the money on).


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OrgChart C

OrgChart. Cool OrgChart Server Control by Dan Whalin. [via ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]

Nice piece of work. There's some damn cute stuff can be done server side with .NET which just needs a nice frame to show it in <G>.

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A Hrefhttprsscomcom2100103231011356htmltypeptamppartrssamp

Is this the end of Netscape?. The settlement with Microsoft likely signals the end of AOL's waning interest in Netscape, analysts say. [CNET News.com]

Well, if IE is dead (denied by Scoble), AOL is gonna be a bit miffed so perhaps one can assume IE is not dead in Longhorn, and given that AOL browser is built on IE bits then one might assume that the IE bits are going to stay around for a while as well...... hmmm which means .NET classes become wrappers on mshtml and there are changes in mshtml to make it work better (faster, easier) with .NET than at the mo. Then again of course, MS could be takin' the mick out of AOL.


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# Thursday, 29 May 2003

A Hrefhttpmsdnmicrosoftcomlibrarydefaultaspurllibraryenusdnwe

Web Team Talking: A Fond Farewell. In this final episode of the Web Team Talking, the gang takes a look at SQLXML, Internet Explorer Web Controls, Web navigation, and the usual hodgepodge of Web Team shorts. [MSDN Just Published]

Some useful little tidbits here including combobox in html via dhtml htc component and pointers to a couple of samples. I suppose the way we have now (or soon!) is to wrap a <select edit=true> within zeepe:toolbar - not tried it though.

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# Thursday, 22 May 2003


Windows Applicathttp://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/appexperience/appverifier.asp ion Verifier. "The Windows Application Verifier (AppVerifier) examines executable programs for common application quality issues. Running this tool on an application aids a tester in detecting issues dealing with stability, security, and compatibility."

This tool should be required for all QA departments, just like FxCop is required for all .NET developers. [
sellsbrothers.com: Windows Developer News]


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# Wednesday, 21 May 2003

Useful Tool Database Designdata Access Code Generation BLOCKQUOTE Dirltr Styl

Useful tool: Database design/data access code generation:

DeKlarit provides a simple way to automate a great part of the application design, development and maintenance process by automatically generating the data model and the code for your data access and business logic layers.


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# Monday, 19 May 2003


The anatomy of a stylesheet. [Simon Willison's Weblog]

First part of a series on css - a good introduction.

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FeedDemon is a news aggregator being designed by Nick Bradbury who also designed HomeSite.  It has some minor yet interesting improvements on news aggregator UI. [Don Park's Blog]

At last, someone applying thought to the UI and getting away from the trite three paned. I'll grant this is three paned but at least the panes aren't treeview, listview and content view. But then I would like this since it was the sought of UI style I was thinking of, perhaps this will save me the bother.

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# Thursday, 15 May 2003

SharpLibrary Released The SharpLibrary Is A Comprehe

SharpLibrary Released. The SharpLibrary is a comprehensive Graphical User Interface library written for the .NET Framework. It has as its main goal to alleviate a lot of the limitations of the standard controls in the WindowsForms namespace. As such, it enhances many of the default controls with needed features that developers often find themselves wishing the out of the box controls had. It also has its fare share of controls totally written from scratch when the standard controls were too limited to obtain a feature or there was simply not equivalent available. The result was controls that look good, are flexible, powerful and which also are free from the limitation, compatibility issues and just simply age that the native controls inherently have and thus are better suited for further enhancements that can accommodate the most demanding requirement of applications being written in the 21st century.

Posted by Carlos H. Perez on Tue, May 13, 2003 @ 7:40PM [sellsbrothers.com: Windows Developer News]
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Managing An Identity

Managing an @@Identity Crisis. Discusses a strategy for returning newly created Identity values after the INSERT is executed. Letting SQL Server generate Identity values might make your job harder if you don't know how to retrieve the new Identity values. [MSDN Just Published]
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# Wednesday, 14 May 2003

I Also Wanted To Point Everyone To A Nice Regular Expression Repository

I also wanted to point everyone to a nice Regular Expression repository RegExpLib.com (created by Steven Smith) and Dan Applemans excellent Regular Expressions with .NET book. [Alex Lowe's .NET Blog]

Thank you, bloomin' brilliant.

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Dom Validator Controls V20 A Hrefhttpaspalliancecomglav Tar

Dom Validator Controls V2.0.

Paul Glavich has released version 2.0 of his Dom Validator controls.

These controls support all of the client-side validator functionality found in the Microsoft supplied validator controls, but contain support for a wider variety of browsers such as Netscape 6.0+ (client and server side) and 4.72+ (server side only), along with Internet Explorer. This release incorporates a new RangeDomValidator to complete the validator control set, has many bug fixes, and includes .Net framework 1.1 support.

[ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]
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A Hrefhttpmsdnmicrosoftcomwebservicesbuildingframeworkandstudiodefaultaspxpulllibraryenusdnwebsrvhtmlhowweb

How ASP.NET Web Services Work. See how Microsoft ASP.NET Web services methods (WebMethods) provide a high-productivity approach to building Web services. WebMethods can expose traditional Microsoft .NET methods as Web service operations that support HTTP, XML, XML Schema, SOAP, and WSDL. [MSDN: .NET Framework and CLR]
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# Tuesday, 13 May 2003

A Hrefhttpmsdnmicrosoftcommsdnmagissues0305CuttingEdgedefaultas

Cutting Edge - Form-based Programming in ASP.NET. Tips for Forms Programming [MSDN: .NET Framework and CLR]

In here it mentions that showModalDialog suffers from the fact that it cannot host a form without wrapping in an iframe - in Zeepe 7 we don't need the iframe hack.

It also mentions something I didn't know - a .NET generated form must post back to the same 'page'; reasonable I suppose but ....


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# Sunday, 11 May 2003

A Hrefhttpwwwmicrosoftcomdownloadsdetailsaspxfamilyid39044e17249

ADSI Scriptomatic. The ADSI Scriptomatic is designed to help you write ADSI scripts; that is, scripts that can be used to manage Active Directory. [Microsoft Download Center]

This is fascinating for the differences it throws up between the HTA host and the web browser control:

  1. There are some VBScript comments within the body of the document - these do not display in the hta host but display in IE/Webbrowser control host (e.g. Zeepe)
  2. The info buttons (displayed once you've selected something from the two select lists) show when you start the application in IE/WebBrowser but not in HTA. The HTA host does not enable XP theme support so the border-style:none CSS attribute is sufficient to completely override the border style but this is not enough when themes are enabled; border-width:0 is required as well.

1. is particularly interesting - what is different about the HTA host? (You can get this from mshtml via clsid_htadocument rather than clsid_htmldocument).

The sample is also interesting in that to get HTA behaviour within Zeepe, you have to use the Zeepe page object and change some method calls - e.g. zpmObject.close() and zpmObject.ShowHTMLDialog rather than window.close() and window.showModalDialog(). Zeepe also doesn't handle the <HTA:> tag to pick up style info etc, you have to use a Zeepe style definition and Zeepe page object to get the same effect.

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# Friday, 09 May 2003

Google To Fix

Google to fix blog noise problem. -noblog [The Register]

Ahh well, there goes my top spot and I can return once more to obscurity.

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SpamBayes Rocks A H

SpamBayes rocks.
stopping spam
SpamBayes with Outlook Addin In an upcoming InfoWorld article, which will post next Friday and appear in print the following week, I review the SpamBayes filtering engine and Mark Hammond's brilliant Outlook addin. Thanks to this remarkable open source duo, I am ready to declare victory on spam. ... [Jon's Radio]
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Microsoft-specific Google  I'm constantly amazed at how few people know about the Microsoft-specific Google site. The results almost always link back to somewhere on microsoft.com but the results seem to be somewhat more [cough] comprehensive than [sneeze] [rub eyes] MS's own search engine. [nudge] [nudge] Enjoy. [Sellsbrothers]

Well, I never knew Google had an entry page microsoft.html, I wonder how many others there are that are 'quick' entry points to search site:blahblah.com


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# Thursday, 08 May 2003


... DotMenu would make a nice looking archive tool (not the most user friendly, but pretty high on the cool factor) You could click first for archive, then year, month, post. [ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]

I've seen this sort of thing in Java/Flash, but not DHTML - impressive.


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# Wednesday, 07 May 2003

Bill Gates WinHEC 2003 Keynote

Bill Gates WinHEC 2003 Keynote

Gawd, how stonkingly boring.

Now, the most striking feature about Athens when you first walk up is the display: wide, high density, flat. It really has obvious consumer appeal, but we're seeing dramatic productivity benefits of a display of this type as well, both in our internal and third party research. For example, we're seeing a 30 percent improvement on time in task with large displays. We're also seeing a 17.4 percent improvement in reading speeds with high-density displays.

A bigger display gives 30% improvement on time in task? What the heck tasks were being done - I can type faster 'cos I have a larger display, I think not.

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# Tuesday, 06 May 2003

Aero Avalon XAML Which In The Web At Large Seems To Mean Something Different Transaction Authority Markup Lang

Aero, Avalon, XAML (which in the web at large seems to mean something different: 'Transaction Authority Markup Language') - more leaky info
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Cool Tabs A Rather BootifulnbspA Titlereally Cool CSS Tabs Hrefht

Cool Tabs. A rather bootiful tabs interfeface in DHTML from Tim Scarfe's Developer-X site. [ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]
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There Was A Thread Recently On Slashdot That Ltinput Typegt Causes IE To Crash Apparentlynbspbecause Of The Missing Ty

There was a thread recently on slashdot that <input type> causes IE to crash, apparently because of the missing type value (it wasn't clear if the crash occurred with invalid type values it also wasn't clear if this only occurred when the <input> element wasn't within a body element - it wasn't clear 'cos I couldn't be bothered to concentrate). Anyway, the usual 'this is disgraceful' lot ensued despite one having to write completely invalid html to make it happen

Personally, I find this more worrying - it appears perfectly valid html+css and it doesn't redraw right (drag another window slowly left to right over 'Generic Headline': http://www.cssbook.com/resources/css/headings/_assets/015.html (Phoenix redraws correctly).

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A Hrefhttpwwwmicrosoftcomdownloadsdetailsaspxfamilyidd41b036ce2e

Managing Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration. This white paper provides information about managing Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration so that users and administrators can access trusted resources and Web sites on a corporate intranet and on the Internet. Examples include how to use Group Policy, scripts, answer files, and more. [Microsoft Download Center] ...

The Microsoft® Windows Server 2003 Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration component (also known as Microsoft Internet Explorer hardening) reduces a server’s vulnerability to attacks from Web content by applying more restrictive Internet Explorer security settings. As a consequence, Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration may prevent some Web sites from displaying properly or performing as expected.

To be reviewed I think (note its Server 2003, but to appear in another OS near you?).

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# Saturday, 03 May 2003

Lutz Joins The Ranks

Lutz joins the ranks. He is also author of some very popular .NET tools... Check it out..[Brad Abrams]

Must do a comparison between the sample commandbar application and same thing in Zeepe 7 - Zeepe 7 looks to me like it will be less code and simpler code.


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# Friday, 02 May 2003

A Hrefhttpnewsbbccoukgoclickrss091public1hieducation29923

School funding gap 'catastrophic'. Head teachers say 17% of schools in England face a "catastrophic" funding situation this year. [BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition]

The government says schools got £2.7bn more this year and had £250m more than they needed to cope with the higher staffing costs.

So 90% of the funding increase has gone on higher staffing costs, which leaves 10% of the increase to cover all the other increased costs - no wonder they are in trouble.

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