# Sunday, 05 February 2006

Flu hits children of the country!

Pippa Cole reports from the chalkface on the epidemic (pandemic surely) sweeping the country and yet getting very little attention from the media. Attrition in this family is now 75% and counting.
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# Friday, 03 February 2006

This made me larf....

Testing stuff on Vista CTP 5270, "Solutions to problems" popped up and said it had determined some problems and had some solutions. How nice I thought.

"These programs are causing Windows to start slowly" it said.



"View help about this problem" it offered, this will be good I thought.

"Stop or delay programs that run at startup" it suggested, along with observing that this version of Windows is still in development.

Cruel to post it really, but it did make me laugh and after the day I'm having I needed it.


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