# Thursday, 23 March 2006

The abolition of scrutiny

Good to see more places are picking up on this little horror:

caluml writes "The Guardian is reporting that the current UK government is trying to sneak a new law though in an innocuously named bill called 'The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill,' which would get rid of that pesky, interfering need to put laws to the Houses of Commons and Lords to approve. [via Slashdot]

Since 1997 New Labour has included clauses in large numbers of Bills that state "if the minister thinks its good, then it is good" (paraphrase). This 'new' Bill brings all that into one tidy place and stops them having to write these pesky clauses in new Bills.

The really big question for Labour voters - how would you feel if the Tory party tried a Bill like this. If this Bill goes through, are you happy that the Tory party might have these powers one day?

Tragically, it has now come to pass that we need a written Constitution.

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