# Thursday, 11 May 2006

BBC being just a little bit economical with the actualite?

Widespread HDTV broadcasts via Freeview may not be possible until after the UK has fully switched to digital TV in 2012.  [via BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Sky sets date for HDTV broadcasts]

Hmmm, its the may that worries me. From my probably poor understanding from what I have read, the word should be will. Then again they may be being completely accurate but misleading - it may be that Freeview will never get High Definition TV (HDTV) - if the governement doesn't "sell" spectrum to Freeview then it isn't going to happen - hence, in my analysis, why the BBC is very interested in broadband (but I don't think that is going to work either unless they can get away with "lets make programmes 5 minutes long" [update] or users accept overnight downloads).

There looks to be an accurate statement available (note the use of will not .... at least until):

Freeview will not have enough room for HD signals, at least until switchover. In time broadband may be another way we can deliver HD programmes. [via BBC - Digital - High Definition TV]

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# Tuesday, 09 May 2006

Ouch - tipping point reached?

People who expect Labour to lose next election 65% [via Support for Labour at lowest level since 1992 - Britain - Times Online]

Matthew Parris of The Times has long held the view that Governments are like a lake into which the stones and pebbles of stupidity, incompetence, sleaze and corruption are thrown. At some point in time, the pile of debris breaks the surface and once broken there is no way back.

I am amazed that 65% expect Labour to lose. It would indicate that the pile of debris has indeed grown tall.


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