# Friday, 16 June 2006

BillG meltdown

If you read nothing else about BillG and July 2008 read this: My First BillG Review[via Joel on Software]


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# Wednesday, 14 June 2006

ActiveX - its alive and kicking

Interview: Microsoft security chief's new vistas.  

(InfoWorld) - Ben Fathi knows a thing or two about security. ...

We also did something that I just announced last night: the ActiveX installation service. This is something we've heard from our enterprise customers. They want to have the ability for an administrator to have an MMC [Microsoft Management Console] where they can approve internal Web sites or partner company Web sites and list the applications that can basically be white listed. So standard users can install those. We have done that and that will be available in RC1..... [via InfoWorld: Top News]

"So standard users can install those" ? I wonder what this means, presumably this is a variation on 'advertise'/always install elevated but built as a white list of things that might be done.

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# Tuesday, 06 June 2006

Innovation in radio

I don't whether it should be called radio anymore - the playing of music to listeners who occupy a geographically diverse space. Anyway, I subscribed to Whole Wheat Radio a while ago - the writing interested me on occasion. Every now and then my aggregator flags up that it is having problems reading a feed (I probably ignored the article saying the feed was going) and I eventually get round to investigating what has gone wrong.

Here is an innovative approach to a "radio station" that I haven't seen before: Wiki Radio.


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