# Thursday, 31 August 2006

MeadCo ScriptX and IE 7

Due to the number of changes there are in IE 7, MeadCo ScriptX users will need to upgrade ScriptX when upgrading to IE 7.

The latest builds (release candidate) for ScriptX are available from the ScriptX Beta page. The good news is that the upgrade is not only needed but is worthwhile - ScriptX 6.3 provides the latest IE 7 print functionality such as automatic scale to fit and preview dragging of margins etc.

Even better it provides this new functionality to IE 5.5/IE 6 users as well. So, if your users may be running anything from IE 5.5 onwards, you can give them all a consistent print experience.

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No more Airfix

Airfix goes bust as children prefer PCs.  LONDON (Reuters) - The maker of Airfix plastic tanks, planes and ships that generations of children have struggled to glue together fired most of its staff on Thursday and filed for administration. [via Reuters: Business]

Says it all really, but if you are interested it appears that the Plasticine brand is now up for sale.

There is a better and more informative article on the Register.

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Yet another browser - not

This sort of thing annoys me....

Web browser leaves no footprints.  The latest entrant to the crowded Internet browser market is the appropriately named Browzar, a tool specifically designed to protect users' privacy by not retaining details of the Web sites they've searched. ... [via InfoWorld: Top News]

No, it isn't a new browser - it is a simple wrapper on the IE web browser control in which they have (probably) turned off storage of files in the cache. It isn't even a very well done wrapper - run it and resize the window - yuk. They claim Mac and Linux coming soon, hmmmmm, interesting to see if it is a bit bigger than 264K in those cases.

[Update, and now it has made Slashdot]

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# Friday, 18 August 2006

1 day to save the NHS

The Department of Health said NHS bosses must look at alternatives to treating patients ... [via Top News Article | Reuters.co.uk]

Ahhh, new meaning to that public sector buzzword of the moment "transformational", I see a whole new Web 2.0 lightweight business model where there is 2-way communication with people visiting other people.

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# Thursday, 17 August 2006

Just how much toolbar design innovation can there be?

Downloaded Windows Live Writer to see how it handles posting of images for services that support MetaWeblog API - despite the implications from the announcement page, it doesn't except via ftp upload. Does weird things with images too.

But I am mostly struck by the rebar/toolbar style - is this yet another invention or is it a rip from the latest version of Office?

Its big, seemingly written in .NET it is 6.4MB of code on disk - the toolbar dll is 140KB.

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