# Wednesday, 09 December 2009

being an icebox

I'm perfectly fine being anti-cool if it enables me to keep my family covered and develop software that tons of people use. [via Nick Bradbury]

LOL, I like anti-cool, I'm probably anti-cool in the not being cool way - but hey I know some really cool people :-D

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Journalism :-)

Journalism is apparently no longer a requirement [via The Black Screen Syndrome, or, Tech news in search of the apocalypse | Security News - Betanews]

Oh I havent had a good ramble rant for ages and ages and ages .. the above link points out the BBC's wonderful habit (it seems to me) of editing stories to cover up the total hash/downright misinformation of some of its journalism. Its a poor defence really isnt it - are we really meant to keep going back to articles to see what the latest 'truth' is? Not fair to bash the good old Beeb really, they are all the same. Tis my humble opinion that journalism hasnt changed much over the years but we can now see the BBC changing its articles as its view of the 'truth of the matter' changes - in bygone days, they broadcast a story and never the correction there would be. Just the same in the printed media. IMHO of course. Its the seeing the changes that is different, and its a good thing, though one wonders about the damage to the brand that all the revisions make. end of ramble.

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