Its been a busy year in which I have wandered the web an awful lot and seen a huge number of ‘personal’ blogs that are no longer active. Its not obvious as to why – boredom, career moved on, moved to another platform?

Its been a year since I have posted here. The reason is a lack of time, a lot of time spent reading and dealing with “real world” issues and that leads little time to rant.

I have a shiny new laptop. I have more VMs than I know what to do with and I have Macs and iPad and iPhone and I use OneNote a *lot*. Recently I have started using custom tags to mark to do things as personal (yup there really have been a lot of things to do) or work (where there have also been a lot of things to do).

Also, we have a family Office 365 account so I am installing that all over the place (i.e.. VMs and the shiny new laptop thing). I use OneNote 2016, its better than free OneNote (as in tags). Shiny new laptop had Office 365 pre-installed. But no OneNote 2016. I tried hunting it down — all the download links are gone or lead you in circles. Finally I tracked it down you have to install Office 365 again, thenĀ  you get OneNote 2016.

Custom tags – they appear in your books but don’t transfer so you can use them on each machine you have. The secret; right click the tag icon on a page and choose “Add to my tags” – done.