Its been a busy year in which I have wandered the web an awful lot and seen a huge number of ‘personal’ blogs that are no longer active. Its not obvious as to why – boredom, career moved on, moved to another platform?

Its been a year since I have posted here. The reason is a lack of time, a lot of time spent reading and dealing with “real world” issues and that leads little time to rant.

I have a shiny new laptop. I have more VMs than I know what to do with and I have Macs and iPad and iPhone and I use OneNote a *lot*. Recently I have started using custom tags to mark to do things as personal (yup there really have been a lot of things to do) or work (where there have also been a lot of things to do).

Also, we have a family Office 365 account so I am installing that all over the place (i.e.. VMs and the shiny new laptop thing). I use OneNote 2016, its better than free OneNote (as in tags). Shiny new laptop had Office 365 pre-installed. But no OneNote 2016. I tried hunting it down — all the download links are gone or lead you in circles. Finally I tracked it down you have to install Office 365 again, then  you get OneNote 2016.

Custom tags – they appear in your books but don’t transfer so you can use them on each machine you have. The secret; right click the tag icon on a page and choose “Add to my tags” – done.


I choose restart

My previous blog is a dasBlog install and good it was too. I gave up muttering a long time ago for reasons of grumpiness and reasons that cannot be named.

The original blog started as an experiment in how to try and deal with knowledge shock, future shock and just the general overwhelming information overload such that we forget what we knew yesterday.

It isn’t just newsprint whose fate is to wrap tomorrow’s fish and chips.

The experiment didn’t work but it is still a topic that interests me in a non-tautalogical and non-toroidal way and here we are again.

I pondered importing the old blog content to here but the code for that rusts and sleeps in GitHub and do I have the time to brush the rust off?

Then I realised; why not just keep the old one and start a new one.

Then I hit issues that my hosting service was purchased in 2009 and it too has not kept up with the times but the nice folks at Netcetera have hacked their way to a solution and here we are.

You are welcome.